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Originating from England fully affected by British royal qualities, GEMRY has inherited the luxury concepts of various art masters, applied strict traditional hand craftsmanship, won numerous championships in the world, and accordingly consolidated its prestigious brand value. Its rarity, valuableness, and artistic quality will earn it endless admiration and respect from its countless followers. In this era that every single person can afford a mobile phone with famous brand, what kind of mobile phone can help distinguished users to exhibit their identities and status? The answer is GEMRY mobile phone. With its British royal demeanor, it is about to reinforce your identity and status.

GEMRY, a world-famous prestigious communication brand from Britain, with its integration of traditions and best technologies from a number of varieties, essence drawn from British royal arts, craftsmanship gathered from world's top art masters handed down from ancient times, and collection of wisdom, efforts, dreams, and perseverance, has become a top priority of nobles, billionaires, gold collar workers and other high-grade mobile phone users.