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British royal demeanor, accompanied by noble identity

GEMRY R12 model private custom instruction

GEMRY accept many kinds of clients customized demands, as long as the clients put forward the demands to us such as: change the materials, add personal signature, private custom for others and so on. We will assign someone full service for the clients to meet their demands.

GEMRY mobile phone is unique, every one of GEMRY mobile phone has the traces of the world's top artisans superb craftwork. It decides that each GEMRY mobile phone is the unique private treasure.

GEMRY models


GEMRY mobile phone provides very limited products to high-grade customers.
GEMRY make mobile phone only for the few elites to reinforce their identity and status.

The back leather (Special announcement: All kinds of GEMRY selected leathers are from factory-farmed animals. It does not violate relevant wild animals protection laws of all countries.)

Crocodile kids leather (standard edition)

Raw python leather

Shark leather

Lizard leather

Deer leather